Public Sector Retirement

At Wallace Financial Consultants, we provide a tailored Retirement Planning Package for members of the Public Sector. Our public sector retirement specialists will work with you throughout all stages of your retirement journey (both pre/post retirement) and provide a simple, clear and concise plan that will position you to retire successfully

Our prime focus is to conduct an in-depth analysis of your retirement benefits and work with you to identify the areas that you need to address. We will then support you in addressing these key areas to ensure you are in the strongest financial position to retire comfortably.

Your Retirement Planning Package will answer the most common questions and concerns around retirement and support you throughout the entire process.

  • What pension and tax free lump sum am I entitled to?
  • Are my retirement benefits accurate based on my years of service and my earnings?
  • How will my retirement impact my day-to-day cash flow?
  • What options are available to me to maximize my pension and tax free lump sum at retirement?
  • Do I need to do a last minute (pre-retirement) AVC and how can I do this?
  • What happens with my AVC and how do I access it when I retire?
  • How do I manage my pension and assets in retirement?
Our tried and tested process ensures that our public sector retirement clients  receive the highest standard of service and comprehensive management of their retirement journey.